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Guide: Tsunade
« on: April 28, 2020, 02:16:02 am »
PASSIVE: Alies within 4 Tiles have their Regen Delays reduced to 1 Second. In Yin Release, this also applies to Tsunade.
This is Tsunade's Main Passive, and her most powerful. As long as allies are near you, In-Combat Regeneration is practically a non-problem, and as soon as you turn on Yin Release, you will constantly have this on yourself until it ends. Being able to near instantly regenerate without having to focus on downtime is a godsend and allows teams to quickly recuperate after rushing or ganking.

PASSIVE: Press D to Empower Tsunade. Her next Uppercut or Heaven Spear Kick increases Knockup, Regular Melee has large Knockback, and Trip or Chakra Scalpel unleashes a 3 Tile AOE that Roots for 3 seconds.
This passive costs a bit of chakra, but helps Tsunade in terms of CC. In almost all scenarios you will want the Root, so make sure you trip or Chakra Scalpel this.

FURY: Gain fury equal to 25% of Health Regenerated (even if Health is Full). Taking Lethal Damage that's less than your Fury Consumes the equivalent amount of Fury and Nullifies the damage. Fury can be used as a Secondary Resource for Chakra and Stamina if you don't have enough to meet Cost Requirements.
It gives Tsunade a safety net for when she desperately needs either for herself or her teammates. Be forewarned however that this will severely impact your ability to summon Katsuyu.

FURY: At 100 Fury, press A to Consume all Fury, and if uninterrupted for 3 Seconds, Ride Katsuyu for 90 Seconds, gaining 2 Health Regeneration and changing your Jutsu. Dying with Katsuyu Unsummons Katsuyu and Restores Tsunade to full Health/Chakra/Stamina.

Katsuyu trades Tsunade's Crowd Control and powerful Short-Range Heals for Global ones. If you want to




4. Mystical Palm - 1 tile Melee that Heals 20 Health, Replenishes 20 Chakra, and restores 40 Stamina. Yin Release instead unleashes as a 2 Tile AOE.

As Katsuyu, also unleashes a Global AOE for other Allies, Healing 5 Health, Replenishing 5 Chakra, and Restoring 15 Stamina.

5. Creation Rebirth - Cast for 5 Seconds, Healing 25 Health every Seoond. Recast to enter Yin Release, using Fury as a Shield.
Main reason to ever use this is Yin Release, making your Healing Power far more intense. With Yin Release, Tsunade suddenly becomes an extremely durable, mass healing tank.

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