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Game Guides / Guide: Tsunade
« Last post by Chente on April 28, 2020, 02:16:02 am »
PASSIVE: Alies within 4 Tiles have their Regen Delays reduced to 1 Second. In Yin Release, this also applies to Tsunade.
This is Tsunade's Main Passive, and her most powerful. As long as allies are near you, In-Combat Regeneration is practically a non-problem, and as soon as you turn on Yin Release, you will constantly have this on yourself until it ends. Being able to near instantly regenerate without having to focus on downtime is a godsend and allows teams to quickly recuperate after rushing or ganking.

PASSIVE: Press D to Empower Tsunade. Her next Uppercut or Heaven Spear Kick increases Knockup, Regular Melee has large Knockback, and Trip or Chakra Scalpel unleashes a 3 Tile AOE that Roots for 3 seconds.
This passive costs a bit of chakra, but helps Tsunade in terms of CC. In almost all scenarios you will want the Root, so make sure you trip or Chakra Scalpel this.

FURY: Gain fury equal to 25% of Health Regenerated (even if Health is Full). Taking Lethal Damage that's less than your Fury Consumes the equivalent amount of Fury and Nullifies the damage. Fury can be used as a Secondary Resource for Chakra and Stamina if you don't have enough to meet Cost Requirements.
It gives Tsunade a safety net for when she desperately needs either for herself or her teammates. Be forewarned however that this will severely impact your ability to summon Katsuyu.

FURY: At 100 Fury, press A to Consume all Fury, and if uninterrupted for 3 Seconds, Ride Katsuyu for 90 Seconds, gaining 2 Health Regeneration and changing your Jutsu. Dying with Katsuyu Unsummons Katsuyu and Restores Tsunade to full Health/Chakra/Stamina.

Katsuyu trades Tsunade's Crowd Control and powerful Short-Range Heals for Global ones. If you want to




4. Mystical Palm - 1 tile Melee that Heals 20 Health, Replenishes 20 Chakra, and restores 40 Stamina. Yin Release instead unleashes as a 2 Tile AOE.

As Katsuyu, also unleashes a Global AOE for other Allies, Healing 5 Health, Replenishing 5 Chakra, and Restoring 15 Stamina.

5. Creation Rebirth - Cast for 5 Seconds, Healing 25 Health every Seoond. Recast to enter Yin Release, using Fury as a Shield.
Main reason to ever use this is Yin Release, making your Healing Power far more intense. With Yin Release, Tsunade suddenly becomes an extremely durable, mass healing tank.
Game Discussion / Chonte's Tier List
« Last post by Chente on November 14, 2019, 01:44:00 pm »

These characters are oppressive at what they do, being unrelenting and generally far exceeding any other character in their role at their job, sometimes even extending into other roles as well. These characters lack many abusable weaknesses and tend to actually require counter picks or massive number advantage in order to efficiently beat.

Might Gai
Deva Pein
Rock Lee

Strong characters who


Asura Pein
Animal Pein
Human Pein
Preta Pein

Naraka Pein

Game Guides / Role: Fighter
« Last post by Chente on November 14, 2019, 01:12:16 pm »
Official Traits of Fighters
1. Strong Melee
2. Strong consistent chase
3. Prolonged fighting
4. Moderate sustain
Strength: Close range, best duelists
Weakness: Kiting and CC

Fighters are a role that partially crosses the traits from Tanks and Assassins. Fighters do significant damage, can survive long battles and will win almost any fair, mid-range 1v1 with another role through sheer power and skill. They are one of the four roles that will generally perform the bulk of a team's damage, along with Assasins, Rangers and Casters.

Hero Fighters: Neji, Asuma, Rock Lee, Might Gai
Villain Fighters: Torune, Jinin, Sasuke, Zabuza, Dosu, Sakon
Akatsuki Fighters: Yugito, Asura Pein, Deva Pein

1.) Even though Fighters are not tanks or healers, a Fighters life is not as expendable as you might think. A team without a Fighter will have to hold both itself closer and will be far weaker when split. They can hold out sometimes, but without their primary power source, they're a bit declawed. Try to stay alive to the best of your ability. It's better to take a safer position and play more passively, only putting out 2/3rds of your normal damage, than to put out 100% and die. Take advantage of your Defensive/Sustain abilities and Regeneration as often as you can.
1a.) Play carefully. Encounter someone you struggle to 1v1? Run away. Don't die to them. You don't have to lose, you can just decline to fight. It's what a lot of Zabuza's do when they know they can't win the Kisame duel, they just avoid the Kisame and kill everyone else.

Game Guides / Role: Assassin
« Last post by Chente on November 14, 2019, 01:21:21 am »
Official Traits of Assassins
1. High mobility
2. Burst damage
3. Execution capability
4. High engage/disengage
Strength: Sustain via mobility, single target focus
Weakness: Squishy, and lacking in AOE

An Assassin focuses on killing troublesome enemies in a quick and efficient manner, with a heavy focus on flanking and slipping past enemies. They are one of the three roles that will generally perform the bulk of a team's damage, along with Fighters, Rangers and Casters.

Hero Assassins: Neji, Mifune, Anko, Fu
Villain Assassins: Kimmimaro, Jinpachi, Gari, Haku, Kushimaru, Misumi, Dosu
Akatsuki Assassins: Itachi, Konan

1.) Focus Damage on the correct Targets, and assassinate the weaker members of the enemy team. Assassins boast insane mobility, lunges, intangibility, and shunshins, enough to slip past the enemy. You could have the best aim in the world. You could literally be the love child of Dafran and Pine, but it wouldn't matter if you don't kill the right things. The most simple way to understand this is to kill Healer/Specialist --> Caster/Ranger --> Fighter --> Tank in that order. The more time wasted on a target, the riskier it is to focus them.
1a.) Don't brawl for long periods with random enemies. Because Assassins rely on Burst damage instead of Consistent damage like a fighter, they shouldn't linger around after everything's said and done. There are only a few instances where an Assassin should chase after an enemy for long periods of time, such as out-of-place Healers or low health enemies who are away from their team.

2.) Land every ability and Melee possible. It is one of the core directives of your entire role, and the main reason to play an Assassin over a Fighter. It's often better to wait for your allies to land a crucial initiation, or your enemies to fail spectacularly at one, before busting out all the damage you can muster. Assassins have enough mobility to easily and safely hide behind their allies, and unlike more supportive roles, they lack a target over their heads, meaning they can easily wait as long as necessary to perform a killing rush.
2a.) Time your abilities and cooldowns with your allies for maximum effect. A Jirobo Palm combined with Karin's Hyper Armour can pave the way for even inexperienced Kimmimaro to land heavy damage.


4.) Understand how your character interacts with the rest of the playing field. Assassins have some of the most variety of any Role in how they interact with enemies. A Haku, Itachi and Minato all play severely different even though their ultimate goals tend to be the same. The main thing your character effects is how close or far you need to be to your other teammates in order to get damage in. The three previously said assassins all have methods to safely deal damage or prepare combos without overstaying their welcome, but a Misumi's main initiation tool is also his only form of escape. A Konan meanwhile has no need to ever even come close to the enemy as long as she has a clear shot. Understanding your character is extra vital to playing an Assassin.
Game Guides / Role: Tank
« Last post by Chente on November 14, 2019, 12:26:11 am »
Official Traits of Tanks
1. High sustain
2. Moderate CC
3. Strong intimdating presence
4. High engage/impact
Strength: Controlling an area, front lining
Weakness: Low mobility, close range

A Tank's job is to be the central nucleus of your team, it’s backbone, etc. Everyone rallies around them: tanks are best played by “leader” types, who are decisive and intelligently aggressive. Good tanks know exactly how aggressive they can be, without dying. Typically, you want to be as assertive as you can get away with when playing as a tank. Statistically speaking, tanks have strong crowd control, average damage and the highest health and survivability of all the characters, but lack some other key thing that keeps them from being a straight upgrade to other characters, most often being range or mobility.

Hero Tanks: Yamato, Chouji, Hinata
Villain Tanks: Fuguki, Jirobo, Yoroi
Akatsuki Tanks: Hidan, Kisame, Yagura, Preta Pein

1.) Use your CC and Defensive Abilities at an effective time.

2.) The purpose of a tank is a bit tricky to understand. Why bother having a tank on your team? That can be answered with the concept of “space creation”. Creating space or a boundary is important, as it prevents enemies from running behind your team and blindsiding you with AOEs in the middle of your team. Assassins don't have space, so Healers die, so Fighters die, so everyone else dies, ad infinitum. Creating space also allows you to zone out entire teams at once.

3.) "What if my team doesn't follow me?" is one of the most common questions Tanks ask themselves. In order to get allies to trust your decisions or perform hard plays with your own, a Tank needs to communicate and gather trust. Never miscalculate how safe it is to perform an attack: leave that to Assassins. Make callouts, tell people where you're going, how much health you have at any time and other tidbits. If your supports aren’t following you, try asking them what’s up politely. If they say they’re getting killed, try to peel for them.
3a.) A big job of a tank is to soak difficult to dodge or unavoidable damage that would otherwise hit the rest of their team, and wouldn't pointlessly kill them in the process. Standing still to protect your teammates or body block enemies can be an effective way to show that you're actually viable cover for them to stand behind. Give people some warning, so they can get to cover before you leave combat and they’re not just standing there with their pants down in the open.

4.) Don’t be in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time. Your team relies on you constantly for survivability and moving around the map. If a single enemy is gathering power or extracting, in most cases any Assassin, Fighter and perhaps even Caster on your team will be far more mobile then you and can handle it. Keep in mind where your team is and constantly protect them.
Game Guides / Role: Healer
« Last post by Chente on October 29, 2019, 10:17:05 am »
Official Traits of Healers
1. Healing capabilities
2. Has a consistent and reliable Revive
Strength: Incredible Team Synergy
Weakness: Highly co-dependent

The objective of a Healer is to heal. Healers boost the overall performance of their team by increasing their survival in the long run, and being able to bring back those who have fallen. They are generally not very goods at their base role and are best surrounded by teammates. They are a sub-role of a character's main role.

Hero Healers: Ino, Shizune, Tsunade, Lady Chiyo*, Sakura*
Villain Healers: Kabuto, Karin
Akatsuki Healers: Naraka Pein, Nagato

* Character is not reworked.

Healers are a key part of a good COSAB team. Providing sustain and revives were needed to keep their teammates alive, and essentially enable their aggressive plays; without a proper healer, a team has to play significantly more conservative to win a match. However, simply keeping your team alive isn't enough when playing a Healer. What separates a great healer from an average one is managing to successfully heal while still using the rest of the skillset (thus completing their main role), understanding who needs healing when and being able to read your opponents.

1.) This is a fairly obvious statement, but as a healer, your first priority should always be healing your teammates and landing jutsus. Rather than trying to do damage yourself or stop enemies, try to enable your teammates better and think about what you could be doing differently. Never get hungry for the kill as a healer, because your team relies on you to keep them alive and if you waste time flailing at the enemy, chances are it will cost the lives of your allies. Only go in for combos and chase when it would benefit the rest of your team.

2.) Watch out for your more frail allies, including yourself. Generally, this will be other Healers, Specialists and perhaps Casters. If someone begins taking a bit of damage, make sure to watch over them, even if they don't immediately require healing. To protect yourself, never stand out in the open or be separated from your teammates, so be mindful of where you're healing from and who's around to help you if somebody does attack you. Never compromise your own safety if your teammate is found in a bad position outside of critical situations (extracts). The longer you stay alive, the more you'll be able to heal your team.

3.) Communication is an important part of COSAB, and as a healer, you should be talking to your team a lot. Since your main focus is healing, it allows you to keep tabs on the enemy's movements on the side along with any other events ongoing. Dead allies will also almost certainly tell you their location in side-chat. If you see someone trying to sneak up behind your team, immediately call it out so that your teammates can protect you and secure the kill. If your team has a Specialist, communicate with them often.

4.) In the heat of the battle when every second counts, you need to know who exactly to keep alive and watch to keep the fight going. As a Healer, it will often be impossible for you to save everyone, especially if you are Solo, so you need to identify which member on your team is the condition to your victory.  Take a more strategic approach to the game and pay attention to what jutsus each enemy is using.
4a.) In terms of importance, as Karin, it is more crucial to keep an experienced Menma alive compared to a person trying out Tayuya. This can vary even more depending on who you are facing: Yoroi is more important to a victory against Itachi for example.
Update Logs / Release v3.11
« Last post by Chente on July 14, 2019, 02:28:19 am »
Pre-Release v3.11.1

Game Refinements
Anbu Itachi's Animations have been Updated.

Edo Tensei Itachi's Animations have been Updated.

If a Bind is placed on an already Bound enemy, and the new Bind Duration is higher than the remaining Duration of the former Bind, the enemy's Bind Duration will become the new Bind Duration.

Health/Chakra/Stamina Bars have received Visual Updates.

Character Avatars have received Visual Updates.

Character Selection has received Visual Updates.

Jutsu HUD has received Visual Updates.

Kill Announcements are now made via HUD.

Revive Announcements are now made Via HUD.

Naruto's Multi Shadow Clones can now be interrupted at any time of the Cast.

Orochimaru's Kusanagi can no longer be used while in Slither Escape.

Orochimaru's Giant Snake Summon can no longer be used while in Slither Escape.

Orochimaru's Implant Cursemark can no longer be used while in Slither Escape.

Yagura's Water Waves Water Damage reduced from 50 to 25.

Killer B's Hachibi Forms are now triggered via pressing A to Transform, instead of low Health.

Rikudo Obito's Jutsu Nullifying Shield now Extinguishes Amaterasu.

Rikudo Madara's Jutsu Nullifying Shield now Extinguishes Amaterasu.

Princess Kaguya's Jutsu Nullifying Shield now Extinguishes Amaterasu.

Shisui's Kotoamatsukami: Freeze Chakra Cost reduced from 80 to 60.

Bug Fixes
Minato's Hiraishin Kunai no longer Team Kills.

Madara's Shattered Heaven is fixed and now works.

Edo Tensei Sasori can now be Selected.

Kakuzu's Heart Revival no longer keeps the former Armor Aura.

Logging in will no longer randomly cause you to be in a Round without having selected a Character.

Akatsuki Cloak Karin can now be Selected.

Shisui's Kotoamatsukami: Freeze no longer Targets Corpses.
Zerok Kaiba07/06/2019
Becoming an Edo Tensei Zombie no longer has issues with the Transformation not processing correctly.

Juugo can now properly Transform from dealing Affliction Damage.

Sasori's Playing Dead Animation is now fixed.

Loading Screen is fixed and now displays properly.

Fixed a Runtime Error involving Projectile Kills.

Fixed a Runtime Error involving Unselecting a Character.

Fixed Runtime Errors involving Itachi's Passive.

Fixed a Runtime Error involving Jinpachi's Passive.

Fixed a Runtime Error involving Moderator Banhammer.

Fixed a Runtime Error involving Walking on Water.

Fixed the problem where people were being identified as the same person upon Login.
Game Guides / Gameplay - Ability Types
« Last post by Chente on July 14, 2019, 02:26:05 am »
Ability Types

In COSAB, Jutsu come in multiple different forms or shapes.

Melee Jutsu work like Regular Melee Attacks, being focused squarely infront of the user in a line. If it Single Target, it will only hit the first enemy in range and ignore the remainder.

An AOE Jutsu is able to hit a target in a space around the user. Normally it is shaped all around the caster like a square, but Frontal AOEs are AOEs that are shaped like a cone infront of the user, and do not hit behind them.

Global AOEs on the other hand hit the entire map, usually against specific enemies but sometimes without any requirement.

A homing jutsu is a specific type of AoE, usually Single Target that Shunshins or Teleports the user to or nearby the enemy's location while dealing damage. An example of this can be seen in Rock Lee's Rock Lee Combo.

Self, Click or Undescribed Jutsu work differently then other jutsus, often hitting specific targets or targeting the caster themself. Click jutsu specifically must be targeted onto a specific part of the map with the mouse.

Gameplay Suggestions / Re: Character Suggestions
« Last post by shieldguy27 on July 02, 2019, 06:44:36 am »
Class: Fighter

1: Rasengan
1st cast: Konohamaru summons a single shadow clone and charges a rasengan. This rasengan lasts for 5 seconds.
1st cast holding down button for 1 second: Konohmaru summons a single shadow clone and charges an oodama reasengan. This rasengan lasts for 2 seconds.
2nd cast: Konohamaru dashes forward 8 tiles. If konohamaru charged a rasengan the enemy is stunned for 3 seconds, rooted for 5 seconds, and receives 25 damage. If it is an oodama rasengan the enemy is stunned for 3 seconds, destroys up to 50 shield, and deals 50 damage.

2: Shadow Clone Jutsu
Konohamaru summons a barrage of shadow clones to aid him in battle. Konohamaru and any allies near him gain 20 shield when he does this.

3: Sexy Jutsu
Konohamaru teleports to an enemy within 4 tiles, performs his sexy jutsu which distracts the enemy, knocks them back, stuns them for 3 seconds, labels the enemy as a pervert and does 10 damage.
If this jutsu is used on someone labeled as a pervert, this removes the pervert tag, and activates his harem technique where women or men consistently pop up under the enemy every 5 seconds and consistently deal 5 damage for 30 seconds.

4: Fire Style: Ash Burning Pile
[basically Asuma's ash pile jutsu]

5: Shadow Shuriken Jutsu
1st cast: Konohamaru summons a large shuriken and throws it at the enemy. If this hits someone it does 20 damage.
2nd cast: Konohamaru switches places with the shuriken and dashes forward 8 tiles performing a rasengan that does 35 affliction damage (that doesn't trigger substitution), knocks the enemy back 2 tiles, and stuns them for 1 second.
Gameplay Suggestions / Re: Character Suggestions
« Last post by shieldguy27 on May 21, 2019, 12:46:17 pm »
I got two questions.
1. What's it being replaced with?
2. This isn't really a question, but if that's the case then instead of measuring it by genjutsu power measure it by whether they're an enemy is a sharingan user or not.
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